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Hello! We are currently freshmen in college and have had 5 years of experience in the music industry from gigging to producing tracks independently.

The purpose of our business is to offer a wide range of music industry endeavors including but not limited to studio recording, and distribution, as well as live performance opportunities from house parties to restaurant venues. We are proud to offer these services to the public as we continue to hone in our creativity and talent. Feel free to reach out!


I've played the violin for about 14 years now through not only Classical training, but also experience in Western Swing music and Marichi. On that note, I am currently a member of the University of Texas at Austin Mariachi Ensemble. I picked up the electric guitar, cello, double bass and mandolin while in high school so that I would consider myself at least proficient across the stringed instruments. In terms of creating music, I love to songwrite and explore different styles of music!


I have played guitar for almost 10 years now, developing expertise in acoustic, electric, classical, and bass guitar. In 7th grade, I began collecting music gear for a home studio and never looked back. Since then I have picked up a little bit of piano, drums, and most recently saxophone. I currently work as the A1 Audio Engineer at a church, and I do most of the production, mixing, and mastering for our original music. Finally, Nico and I are both trained in songwriting and music theory. Needless to say, we're a deadly musical duo.

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Live Music

Our band has been actively performing on a monthly basis for the past five years entertaining audiences at restaurants, house parties, social events, and everything in between!

Music Production

We use Abelton to record and produce not only our own music, but projects for others as well. We've recorded, mixed, and mastered quite a few of our personal tracks from this software. So, want to test our creativity?


From our love of poetry and creative writing came our passion for songwriting. We focus on using words to paint pictures, narrate stories, and convey distinct emotions to the listener. Want to learn more?

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